Some Say it isn’t what you know

It is Who you Know that matters.

AR SOAR. Student Services do not entirely agree with this old saying, however we do understand that at it’s heart success is all about building and maintaining RELATIONSHIPS.

Like the life long relationship between Honourable Mr Bill Shorten, leader of the Australian Opposition and believed by many to be the next Prime Minister of Australia the CEO of AR SOAR. Student Services, Mr Anthony Robinson BA.LLB.GCLP.LLM. Master Migration Lawyer.

Not only were Bill and Anthony childhood school “mates” – having shared a desk at Kostka Hall (primary School) for three 3 years but also, they both went to Xavier College and then on to study law at Monash University Melbourne.

It is upon these sorts of powerful and important connections and relationships that AR SOAR. Student Services is built upon.

And that is why we spend time getting to know and understand our clients dreams, wishes fears and concerns. For knowledge is power and with that knowledge AR SOAR. Student Services is best placed to HELP YOU to succeed and SOAR.