AR SOAR Business Services understand that the life can sometimes get a little complicated – and the last thing you want to have to do is worry about money as well as study, new friends, your business, a new country and well a new life.

That is why AR SOAR Business Services are happy to offer:

  1. Business Plan Writing.

The importance of a business plan is in giving the Case Officer a thorough understanding of the activities of the business, a thorough understanding of the industry which the business operates in and what are the long-term plans of this business. Business plans are commonly used for 482, 186 and 187 visa applications. They are also common requirements as part of 188 and 132 visa applications which are more specialised,

Through this understanding the Case Officer will then be better able to understand the genuine need for the nominated position in the business and will be more incline to approve the visa application.

For us, we specialize in the area of business analysis and business plan writing so our expert knowledge and experience is a value we offer to migration agents. We have our dedicated team of business analysts, certified accountants and research writers ensures knowledge of exactly what makes a successful business plan.

Our bespoke business plans come with a complete 5 year financial forecast that has been successful in the 188, 132 visa applications and also in seeking bank loans and government grant funding.

For 188 and 132 visa applications, we also provide more comprehensive research and explanations into the economic benefits which the nominee can provide to the state and to Australia as a whole. We also provide detailed evidence and explanations to show the talents of the nominee and how the nominee is able to utilise his/her capabilities to make a significant contribution to the economy.

All of our business visa business plans are based on a fixed price quote and include:

  • All narrative

  • Projected profit and Loss

  • Cash flows and balance sheets

  • Graphical representation of key numbers

  • Provide the excerpts to fill in the business proposals for each state (200words)

        2)  Genuine Position Writing.

A common regulation which Case Officers commonly cite when refusing applications is Regulation 2.72(10)(f). This regulation is basically an onus put on the business to prove the genuine need for the nominated position in the business. This is a criteria that needs to be satisfied at the nomination stage of the 482 visa. The Department of Home Affairs focuses very closely on maintaining the integrity of the 482 visa programme and as a result, there is a particularly stringent focus in assessing if the nominated position is a “genuine position”.

As part of this stringent focus, renewal applications which are lodged offshore as part of the short-term stream of the 482 visa will likely be subjected to requests for a GTE report as well in support of the renewal application.  

For all other cases, the Department of Home Affairs will request for more information as to the genuine need for the nominated position on a case by case basis.

From the viewpoint of a Case Officer, these 4 areas need to be thoroughly addressed in a Genuine Position Report

  • The business is unable to find a suitable local candidate

  • There is a genuine and ongoing need for the position due to various indicators and reasons

  • The responsibilities of the nominated position are consistent with the activities of the business

  • There is no one else in the business who can perform the responsibilities of the position

Reasons why cases fail:

  • Insufficient evidence, explanations and research were provided to why the business was unable to hire a suitable local candidate

  • Background information was not clearly written to give the Case Officer a clear understanding of the activities of the business

  • With an inadequate understanding of the business, it is difficult for the Case Officer to understand the reasons for why the new position was created

  • The business was unable to show that the responsibilities of the nominated position are consistent with ANZSCO

  • The business did not provide adequate explanations and evidence to show that the responsibilities of the nominated position are consistent with business activities and that the nominee will perform the full breadth of responsibilities listed

  • Explanations and evidence were not given to state that there are no other roles in the business that can perform the responsibilities of the nominated position

  • Inability to show the specialised nature and specialised requirements of the nominated position which will also reflect additional difficulties in hiring a suitable local candidate

Advice for writing a Genuine Position Report:

  • Keep to the point and do not over-elaborate as sometimes writing too much will give the Case Officer the opportunity to nit-pick on your report.

  • Give an overview of the type of product/service the company offers as well as some insight into the industry as not all case officers are knowledgeable in all fields of business.

  • Explain more on the need for the position in the company and not too much on the need for the particular nominee in the company. This is to prove that the need for the nominated position in your business is genuine and that the position was not created to facilitate the stay in or entry to Australia for the nominee.

  • Answer all specific points raised by the case officer in the checklist and provide as much evidence as possible!

  • Case officers do not know the ins-and–outs of the employer’s business so it is our job to explain it fully to them!

  • Applications in which the position is already existing in the business and where the nominee is already onshore working on a part-time basis will have a distinct advantage over positions that are entirely new.

  • Industry research is also very useful as supporting evidence for the various Genuine Need Indicators as these are all facts that can be easily verified and will make the report more legitimate and genuine

  • If there are any occupational caveats those need to be addressed as well to ensure that the position is not excluded because of the caveat

  • Provide photos wherever possible, this will give the case officer a clearer understanding of the operations of your business and how the nominated position fits into the business

Buying or selling a home?

AR SOAR. Concierge Services is here to help you with all your conveyancing needs.

The process of buying or selling property usually requires a conveyancer. A conveyancer is someone who has specialised in the process of moving the legal ownership of property or land from one person to another.

They are experts in this process, helping you at every step of your real estate transaction.

The conveyancing process is complex and often confusing. It requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of property law which can be different between jurisdictions. Through AR SOAR. Concierge Services you have access to the best in the business who will guide you through the process every step of the way.

The conveyancing process for buying and selling are different, both with different steps and requirements. As a starting point, we recommend using the FREE contract reviews for those who are buying. (Reviewing the Contract of Sale will make sure you’re informed so there are no hidden surprises come settlement.)

Once our experts have reviewed the contract, they will help you through all the legal hoops, checks and balances so you know you are making a sound real estate investment.

If you are selling, our dedicated team of local conveyancers are here to help, starting with the preparation of the contract of sale alongside any additionally required documentation.

Before settlement, which is the final step in the conveyancing process, your conveyancer will manage every step of the process and handle any issues.

Once everything is in order, your conveyancer will book in a settlement time with PEXA. PEXA is the online digital settlements platform that makes the exchange of property funds quick, simple and secure. Once your conveyancer has organised and processed this step, the transaction is complete.

Buying or selling real estate can be a daunting thing, let our team at AR SOAR. Concierge Services help you through this process–making it easy and as simple as possible.

That is why AR SOAR. Business services are happy to introduce you to the real money “experts”. We are not in a position to advise about money or finance and we would not dream of giving any advice and that is why we say if you need to talk about banking, finance or money matters – talk to the experts.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Banking in Australia Migrating to Australia is much more than just a change of address. While it’s an exciting time, it can also be stressful. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has been helping customers move their finances to Australia since 1949. With support from a dedicated global Migrant Financial Services team, you can be confident that your finances are in good hands. Instant account opening and a dedicated support team Opening an account with the Commonwealth Bank is fast, effortless and secure and provides you with instant access to your account details. You can start transferring money to your new Australian account straightaway and view your balance online before you arrive, using NetBank. To open an account or to find out more, simply visit



For more than 15 years TorFX has been providing bank-beating foreign exchange and international payments.

TorFX is a leading international money transfer specialist who assist businesses and individuals with their currency exchange requirements, providing a significant saving against the major banks and offer clients access to a range of services, things like

  • can assist you and save you money when;
  • Moving a lump sum / savings to Australia
  • Transferring the proceeds of a house sale
  • Paying an invoice in A$ such as their Visa or business invoice
  • Receiving an inheritance or estate
  • Sending money to family
  • Sending money back to their home country

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