ABG legal is headed by AR LAW Services: Lawyers & Consultants.

For over twenty years Mr Anthony Robinson BA. LLB. GCLP. LLM. Australian Lawyer, has been helping people with their problems and over that time AR LAW Services has earned a reputation for fearless advocacy and defense of our clients legal rights.

Have you been “cheated” by a Migration Agent? Did you not get what you paid for? AR LAW Services has been winning justice for clients for twenty years, Particularly for visa holders how have been “tricked” and had their money “stolen” by “dodgy Migration Agents.

So if you have a problem AR LAW Services may be the Solution.

Compensation Law. Breach of Contract. Have you been “cheated” by a Migration Agent?

AR LAW Services have an experienced team who have built up an cost effective system of recovering monies owing as a result of contracts entered between individuals and/or companies.

In addition to the recovery of monies, we are able to provide you with advice on structuring your business in order to minimise contractual disputes. We also are able to advise you on how best to protect yourself against frivolous claims.

To discuss how we may help with your matter AR LAW Services offer for a flat fee of $200 (gst included) a no obligation initial 30 Minute consultation. Please book an appointment.


Police and Criminal Law Matters

AR LAW Services provides expert and sound legal advice to our clients. We are particularly expert in s 501 character issues. With over 20 years experience we understand that Visa holders face special legal issues and are significantly more vulnerable then Australian Citizens when dealing with the Australian Criminal Justice system. It is understanding this “interface” or “intersection” of the criminal and Migration laws that AR LAW Services can significantly help. Our team draws on a wide range of experience over many.

If you have been interviewed or charged by the Police or if you Fear you may be charged CALL AR LAW Services.


Divorce Property / Family Law

AR LAW Services recognizes that disputes of this nature, whether they involve property, divorce or children are often emotionally charged and highly complex, demand a high standard of skill and care.

Headed by Anthony Robinson, the team is backed by many years of experience in both advising and representing clients in Court.


Budget Basic Wills

For peace of mind.(Ask about our special deals)

AR LAW Services understands no one wants to talk about death – but as awful as it is it is a fact of life and it is important to plan how your Estate might be distributed after your death. Our team recognize that in order to give certainty to distribution after death, you need a comprehensive plan that is subject to review if events such as separation or marriage occur.

Remember the only thing sadder than dying is dying without a WILL!


Employment Law

Drafting or review of Contracts

AR LAW Services provide a range of services across all areas of Employment Law. Our team is committed to providing accurate, practical and timely advice in respect of complex legislation and working with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. Our client base including Government, Public and Private companies ensure that we apply a broad range of expertise in this area.