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Permanent Residency AR SOAR. Student Services firmly believe that given the dynamic and ever-changing state of the Australian migration Law and Visa process it is prudent – that is a good idea to get sound and expert immigration and visa advice from a Master Migration Lawyer.

And it is times like this you must ask yourself do you want the Visa or do I want to save a little money.

If you want the visa – then talk to AR LAW Services. Master Migration Lawyers.


The MAP – Migration Action Plan

For the Special ABG Discount Rate of $400(AUD) our expert team at

AR LAW Services: Masters Migration Lawyers will review your position and generate possible options open to you in your specific circumstances. This will be carefully and expertly assessed as against the relevant Australian Migration & Visa Law of the time the assessment to produce a highly individual immigration profile and possible visa options open to you.

So with this “MAP” you can face with confidence the uncertainty of the future knowing that if there is a way forward the expert legal team at AR LAW Services and their more than 20 years’ experience in helping International students to call Australia home will be with you every step of the way.

Be advised: This deal is envisaged to be particularly helpful for international students holding a current Australian student visa but would be equally helpful for those hold a visitor or work holiday visa.


Book a “MAP” Consultation. (Be advised: This Discount Rate is Only Available to AR SOAR. Student Services Clients)


The ABG loyalty discount VISA APPLICATION & Migration Advice Rate!

AR SOAR. Services, in association with and powered by one of Australia’s Leading Boutique Immigration Law firms. AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers form the AR Business Group (ABG).Though this group AR SOAR. Student Services can offer. Expert Australian immigration