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G’day, that means “welcome” in Australia. My name is Robinson, Anthony Robinson. I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AR SOAR: Student Services. Pty Ltd. AR SOAR: Student Services is a specialist education consultancy company dedicated to helping International Students navigate the complex maze of laws and regulations that must be address before you can begin you student life here in Australian. We can help with many aspects that students often find intimidating, confusing and frustrating. Too often over the last 20 years I have seen the plans, hopes and dreams of good students destroyed by bad advice from “dodgy” (unskilled, poorly trained and unethical) education and migration agents. That why I started AR SOAR. Student Services, and with twenty (20) years of experience in assisting international students come to Australia, we are proud of our reputation and guard it jealously: A reputation for honesty, integrity and highly professional behavior. So you can rest assured and trust AR SOAR. Student Services, because we are here to help and to take the worry out of the process and remember we will not charge you a cent for our “Educational Student Services”. We can help with and advise in: Free Career Guidance – (and for a fee the best “path way” to “PR” or Citizenship) Find the right course for you to study and it wont cost you a cent. Find the best institution for you to study at and it wont cost you a cent! Change Courses – (and for a fee assist with letter of release.) Free Assistance with Admission and Enrollment matters such as completing the relevant paper work and procedures Finding the best health cover for the students’ general well-being all, and we will charge YOU nothing. In addition to being the CEO of AR SOAR: Student Services I am also a Master Migration Lawyer and owner of a leading Australian boutique Immigration Law Firm – AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers which in association with AR SOAR: Student Services form part of the AR BUSINESS GROUP (ABG). So, where others agents pretend and talk about “combined” experience or “total” experience – don’t be fooled by the lies of “dodgy” migration agents. Why settle for anything but the best. For Honest, Ethical and Specialist assistance contact us. Don’t risk your money, your future or your visa: trust only AR SOAR. Student Services a specialist education consultant in association with and powered by the Master Migration Lawyers: AR LAW Services. As CEO and as an Australian Immigration Lawyer, I have been Registered and Authorized by the Australian Government as a registered Agent continuously since 2000. That is why you can rest assured and trust that at AR SOAR. Student Services your future is in safe hands So make an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION with one of AR SOAR: Student Services specialist education consultants today and say g’day and learn how we can help you every step of the way!
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