Student Visa Cancelled s116? Big Win Today at Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

A client contacted us because her Australian Student visa had been cancelled. The power used by the immigration department was s116.

This is was a very difficult case consequently we referred it to our legal team – ABG Legal – is headed by AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers.

The case as often happens was made worst by the bad advice and incompetent work of a migration agent.

Often students would be better off doing there own applications than risking the visa application with a cheap and poorly trained migration agent.

Lucky for the student Mr Robinson BA. LLB. GLCP. LLM Master of visa & immigration law of AR LAW Services. Master Migration Lawyers was able to do remedial work and convince the AAT to “reverse” the departments decision and “remit” the matter for reconsideration.

That is she won!

If you or anyone you know has had a student visa refused or cancelled talk to us.

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