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True the Victorian Government has announced a $45 million fund to support international students in the state who are facing financial hardship due to coronavirus pandemic and has expressed its support.

“Our international students make a vital contribution to our education system, our economy – and our state. The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring that our international student community feels safe and supported during this difficult period,”

But Australia has 565,000 international students who are not covered under the Federal Government’s relief packages.

However when you consider that International education is Australia’s third-largest export, injecting around $32 billion a year into the economy and up to 40,000 international students have enrolled at Victorian universities, TAFEs, private institutions and other courses, is it enough.

As readers of this and my other posts would know I believe international and temporary visa holders are an important part of the Australian community, consequently the Australian Government owes a fiduciary duty to ensure the well being of all international students and temporary visa holder stranded in Australia – particularly those trapped given the borders are closed.

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ABG (AR Business Group) Coronavirus Grant:

So if you or anyone you know has an Australian Visa – Temporary Work or a Student Visa refused, rejected or cancelled contact us to discuss your Appeal or Review options.  Remember TRUST ONLY a Master Migration Lawyer and make an appointment with AR SOAR: Student Services legal section: ABG Legal – AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyer.

So talk to us – book an initial 30 minute consultation for a flat fixed fee of $200 for the initial 30 minutes to discuss your issue with a Master Migration Lawyer and to see if you qualify for a “ABG Coronavirus Grant” and thereby are eligible for significant savings.

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