Novel corona virus and Australian visas – Stay safe in Australia: ways to extend your current VISA, ask us.

As is apparent by the “press release” of the Australia Government through the department of Home Affairs

Novel corona virus – the Corona virus – is a particularly dangerous issue.

It is not surprising that my law firm has been flooded with calls from concerned clients and their family members regarding how they can protect themselves and the ones they love.

In this post I will speak about the threat and the Department’s response and will reach out to people on short term Australia Visas wishing to remain safely and legally in Australia while the virus is raging overseas. (You may also be interested to know I am currently running a “version” of argument at the AAT)

For those of you who don’t know me or my firm please read this review – as can be seen I am an Australian Immigration Lawyer with over 20 years experience in fighting and winning difficult migration cases – many to do with health matters and finding innovative interpretations of the Australian Visa law.

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